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It never ceases to amaze me the puzzled look I see in people’s eyes when they ask me what do I do and I answer “I’m a Personal Photo Organizer”. A photo organizer? Do they really exist?. What are they for? What do they do? What does it mean to be a photo organizer?And I can tell you that I understand their bewilderment. But let me tell you what it means.

To be a Personal Photo Organizer means to have the ability and the enthusiasm to rescue people’s history… your history…. The life that is hidden behind those forgotten images hide away inside drawers in your closet, your desk or inside those shoe boxes and that you don’t even remember they exist and are eager to be discovered again. There are hidden memories of your grandparents, of your parents. Your happy and nostalgic memories of the experiences that you have had during your life.

Being a photo organizer allows us to open the door to this magical world and bring to life the most important memories, those you know, those you miss, those you have forgotten and those you can discover as you find images that tell your story and the story of your ancestors. It allows us to create a special relationship with those beings that are watching us from that piece of paper and gives us the satisfaction of knowing that their beautiful story that is hidden there, will again have a tangible meaning in someone’s life.

And what about the digital world?

In the digital world, being a photo organizer means having the ability to preserve those rescued images and integrate them coherently into your new photo collection. But what about your growing digital collection?

With the advances in digital technology, we understand how overwhelming your digital collection can become and how daunting  the process of managing it efficiently can be.

Being a Photo Organizer means that we can help you establish processes for selecting, maintaining and preserving your collection so that you can enjoy it and share it with your loved ones.

To conclude for today…

Do not let your life fade into a thousand images that no one can ever decipher and enjoy. The presence of each human being is unique, unrepeatable and valuable. Make yours stay … Your story matters …


Mili Parra Castro

Mili Parra Castro

Pictures with Magic, LLC owner

About Mili

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Mili now lives in South Florida. After retiring from her career as a computer programmer and immerse herself into family history, photo book creations and photo organization, Mili founded Pictures with Magic, LLC. As a Certified Personal Photo Organizer, Mili love to help people to organize and bring their memories to life under the conviction that every person has a meaningful place on this world, and a worthy story to shared.